Allah Hu Samad Wazifa for Any Hajat in Urdu

Allah Hu Samad Wazifa for Any Hajat in Urdu

Are you worried about any hajat and looking for the best wazifa to fulfill this desire. Then Allah hu samad wazifa is one of the best solution for this. This attribute name of Allah is the best for fulfilling all kinds of legitimate needs.

What is Allah Hu Samad?

Allah hu Samad is an attribute name of Allah Ta’ala which means Allah is selfless. A person who wants to be among the close servants of Allah should recite this name, Allah hu Samad, with abundance. Today we will inform you about the blessings of reading Allah hu Samad.

اللہ صمد کا وظیفہ

Allah Hu Samad Wazaif

A person who wants to have prosperity in his business and increase in sustenance should recite Allah hu Samad 1000 times daily. In sha’ Allah worldly wealth will be obtained and will never have an empty pocket.

If someone is suffering from the deception of the world and wants to get rid of it. Then he should read Allah hu Samad all night between Thursday and Friday. After this he will feel a strange joy and peace. In Sha’ Allah

A person who recites Allah hu Samad thirty-three times after every prayer will get a great reward. The world will start loving him.

A person who recites Allah hu Samad five hundred times at the time of Tahajjud. He will find peace and comfort in religion and the world. Problems will stay away from it and if one reads it a million times, he will get what he asks from Allah.

If a child does not remember the lesson. Read Allah hu Samad seven times and breathe on the water and keep drinking it for forty-one days. In Sha’ ALLAH, he will be attracted towards studies and soon he will start to remember the lesson.

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