Wazifa For Good Result in Exams | Surah Fatiha ka Wazifa for Success

If you’re a student and looking wazifa for good result in exams? Then you are on the right post because here we are bringing the best wazifa for you.

This wazifa is very special for those children who have given or are giving their exams in schools, universities and colleges. Because many questions are circulating in the minds of many students.

Some think that if our papers are not good, then what wazifa should we do for them? Or those who have completed their papers and are waiting for the results and are wondering what wazifa to do for a good result? Many more such questions circulate in the minds of students. But the solution to all these questions is only this wazifa, which is also called the wazifa of Surah Fatiha.

Wazifa For Good Result in Exams

As we all know that action depends on intention. That is why we request you that whenever you do this wazifa, do it with the intention that Allah will surely give you success with his blessings.

After doing this, inshAllah you will surely get success and the result will also come according to your thoughts.

Surah Fatiha wazifa for success

Surah Fatiha ka Wazifa

This wazifa is very short and simple wazifa. See how to do it. Which you have to do for any three consecutive days. All you have to do is recite verse four of Surah Fatiha twenty-one times after performing any obligatory prayer. Then raise your head from prostration and raise both your hands and cry and pray to Allah for your success. This is best wazifa for success in exam.

Q. Which surah is for exam success?

Surah Al Fatiha for success in exams.

Q. What is a very powerful dua to pass exam?

You should pray sincerely to Allah for knowledge, understanding, and success in your exams.

امتحان میں کامیابی کا وظیفہ

سورۂ فاتحہ کا یہ وظیفہ اتنہائی مختصر اور آسان وظیفہ ہے۔ اس کو کرنے کا طریقہ ملاحظہ فرمالیجۓ۔ جسے آپ نے لگاتار کسی بھی تین دن کرنا ہے۔ بس آپ نے روزانہ کسی بھی فرض نماز کے بعد سجدے میں سر رکھ کر اکیس مرتبہ سورہ فاتحہ کی آیت نمبر چار پڑھنی ہے۔ پھر سجدے سے سر اٹھا کر دونوں ہاتھ اٹھا کر اللہ سے رو کر گڑگڑا کر دعا کرنی ہے، اپنی کامیابی کے لیے۔ پھر آپ دیکھیے گا رزلٹ آپ کی سوچ سے بڑھ کر اچھا آۓ گا۔ انشاءللہ

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