Unsa name meaning in Urdu (Girl Name – انثی)

Unsa name meaning in Urdu (Girl Name – انثی)

Unsa is short & unique Arabic-originated Muslim girl name. Which has multiple Islamic meanings, but the best Urdu meaning of this name is لڑکی، عورت ذات, while English meaning is Female or Woman. This name consists of 4 alphabets.

Unsa name girls want to live their life smoothly and without any problems. Here is not enough because we will tell you more about انثی. Such as Lucky number, lucky stone, lucky color & many more.

Lucky number is considered for people associated with Unsa name is 1, lucky stone is Emerald, lucky color is (Golden, orange, red), while lucky day consider is to be (Monday, Thursday).

Unsa Urdu Meaning

انثی اردو نام
Unsa انگریزی میں نام
لڑکی، عورت ذات نام کا مطلب
1 لکی نمبر
سوموار, جمعرات خوش قسمت دن
مرکت موافق پتھر
سنہری، نارنجی، سرخ موافق رنگ
چاندی موافق دھاتیں
لڑكی جنس
اسلام مذہب
عربی زبان
چار حروف اور ایک لفظ حروف کی تعداد
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