Alfiya Name Meaning In Urdu, Lucky Day, Lucky Number & Lucky Stone

The origin of the name Alfiya (الفیہ) is from the Hindi language. This name is considered among the Islamic names. While the use of this name has also been seen in Hinduism.

The name Alfiya is considered among the names of girls. This name consists of five letters and one word in Urdu. While in English, the number of letters in this name is six.

Alfia means (میٹھی) in Urdu while its English meaning is sweet. Numerologically, lucky colors for people with this name include red, rust, and light green.

Numerically lucky days for people with this name include Sunday and Tuesday.

Numerologically lucky stones for Alfiya’s name include Topaz. While copper is considered among the lucky metals for the people of this name.

The number six is ​​considered to be lucky in numerology for people with this name.

Alfiya name description is Alfiya Khanum and Alfiya Begum. Most of the countries where this name is used. It is topped by India, number two by Saudi Arabia, and number three by the UAE.

People with this name are considered to want to face the situation despite opposition from people. And always know how to stick to their word.

Alfiya name meaning Urdu

الفیہ اردو نام
Alfiya انگریزی میں نام
میٹھی نام کا مطلب
6 لکی نمبر
اتوار اور منگل خوش قسمت دن
پخراج موافق پتھر
لڑکی جنس

Q. What is the meaning of Alfiya in Urdu?

Alfia name meaning in Urdu is (میٹھی).

Q. Who is Alfiya in Islam?

Alfiya is a Muslim girl name. But this name is also used in Hinduism.

Q. What is the origin of Alfiya?

This name originated from the Hindi language.

Q. What is the lucky day for Alfiya?

Lucky days for Alfiya include Sunday and Tuesday.

Q. What is the lucky Number for Alfiya?

According to numeric the lucky number for Alfiya is 7.

Q. What is the lucky Stone for Alfiya?

According to numeric the lucky stone for Alfiya is Topaz (پخراج).

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