Abra Name Meaning in Urdu, Lucky Day, Lucky Number & Lucky Stone


Abra (عبرہ) is a Muslim girl’s name which is originated from the Arabic language. The name Abra has many meanings, but its best meanings are lesson and guidance. In Urdu, its meaning is (سبق اور نصحیت).

According to numeric the lucky number of Abra named girl is 7. If we talk about the luck day or lucky stone of Abra. Then the lucky days are Tuesday or Thursday, and the lucky stone is Ruby (روبی).

On the other hand, if we talk about luck metal or lucky color. Then numerically we say that the lucky metal for Abra’s name girl is Copper and iron. While the lucky color is Red and Violet.

Abra’s (عبرہ) name consists of four letters and one word in Urdu. While in English, the number of letters in Abra’s name is four.

Abra Name Meaning in Urdu


عبرہ اردو نام
Abra انگریزی میں نام
نصیحت،ہدایت،مثال نام کا مطلب
7 لکی نمبر
منگل, جمعرات خوش قسمت دن
روبی موافق پتھر
سرخ, بنفشی موافق رنگ
لڑکی جنس
اسلام مذہب

Q. What is the meaning of the name Abra in Islam?

Abra is a most beautiful Arabic Islamic name. Which means lesson and guidance.

Q. What is the meaning of Abra in Urdu?

Abra’s name meaning in Urdu is (سبق اور نصحیت).

Q. Is Abra an Arabic name?

This beautiful name is originated from Arabic language.

Q. What is the lucky Number for Abra?

Abra is Muslim girl name. According to numerical calculation “7” is the lucky number for Abra.


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