Maryam Name Meaning in Urdu (Girl Name – مریم)

Maryam Name Meaning in Urdu (Girl Name – مریم)

Are you blessed with a baby girl? and decided to name her Maryam. Maryam is a Muslim girl name which is originated from Arabic language, the best meaning of this name is “Pak Daman Dosheeza” or پاک دامن دوشیزہ. This name consists of six letter and one word.

A beautiful and well-meaning name has a profound effect on a person’s personality. Here we explain more about Maryam, such as lucky day, lucky number, lucky stone and many more in Urdu.

According to numerology forecast lucky number associated with name Maryam is 8, lucky day associated with this name are Monday, Thursday. While lucky stone associated with this name is Topaz.

Maryam Urdu Meaning

مریم اردو نام
Maryam انگریزی میں نام
پاک دامن دوشیزہ نام کا مطلب
8 لکی نمبر
پیر, جمعرات خوش قسمت دن
پخراج موافق پتھر
سرخ، ہلکا گلابی رنگ موافق رنگ
لوہا موافق دھاتیں
لڑكی جنس
اسلام مذہب
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