ANUM Name Meaning in Urdu, Lucky Day, Lucky Number & Lucky Stone

Anum (انعم) is a very beautiful girl’s name used in both Muslim & Hindu regions. If we talk about the language of this word, then it is a Hindi word. Anam in English means Allah’s mercy and Allah’s blessing. While on the other hand, its Urdu meaning is (انعام، اللہ کا تحفہ).

Anum Name Meaning in Urdu

ANUM انگریزی میں نام
انعام، اللہ کا تحفہ نام کا مطلب
2 لکی نمبر
منگل, جمعرات خوش قسمت دن
روبی موافق پتھر
سرخ, بنفشی موافق رنگ
لوہا اور تانبا موافق دھاتیں
لڑکی جنس
اسلام, ہندو مذہب


Q. What is the meaning of Anum in Quran?

Anum is the most beautiful Muslim girl name which means Allah’s mercy and Allah’s blessing in Urdu means (انعام، اللہ کا تحفہ).

Q.  Is Anum a Muslim name?

Yes, Anum is Muslim girl name.

Q. What is the lucky Number for Anum?

The luckiest number for Anum name girl is “2”.

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